They are very popular in Lithuania. So to say, this is a local phenomenon. Mindfight is about showing the sharpness of your mind in a competition about facts and sometimes rather tricky problems.
We invite you to relax intellectually for a few hours and learn a few new things. 

During the activity, the participants will form groups and try to answer the questions in consultation with each other. The Internet and other help are not allowed. The whole set of rules will be presented before the game starts.

We plan two brainstorming sessions for the students. Each session will have different questions. You can join the one activity which is more convenient for you or both.

Participants will watch the live broadcast on YouTube, and at the same time will post answers through the link which will be provided to them during the game.
Each team will fight against other teams. To make it easier we invite students to join the dedicated Zoom link, where the teams will be able to see each other and communicate during the breaks. For your convenience we suggest using 2-3 computers or phones, paper and pen for each team.

We ask you to have a stable internet connection, charged communication devices, some pens, paper and enough energy to compete against other worthy opponents. You don’t need to prepare anything for the activity.