Only a week left till probably the most important event of the year for all of you. The 51st International Physics Olympiad is starting on July 17, 2021! Lithuanian Physicists send greetings from Vilnius to every one of you. The whole IPhO 2021 team of almost 180 people is intensively preparing for the upcoming event and hopes to create a celebration filled with fun, good sportsmanship and creative knowledge.


The idea to organize the Olympiad in Lithuania came to our minds back in 2002. Since 2016, we have been enthusiastically preparing to host the International Physics Olympiad in 2020 and to welcome more than 76 student delegations from around the world. Sadly, after postponing the Olympiad for a year due to the unprecedented global health crisis we still could not gather physicaly, take the exams together and explore the best that Lithuanian summer has to offer. With our motto of the Olympiad „Share the Light“ we want to inspire and encourage you all to spread your personal light, both while grasping Physics and in other aspects of life. Our motto also represents Lithuania‘s strength and focus in the field of light technologies and lasers.

Surely, everyone is now focused on the challenging IPhO 2021 exams. We know that you will do your best to bring the gold medals to your countries. Besides the exams we want you to find out more about Lithuania. We invite you to join various activities between the IPhO exams. Traditionally, you will find lots of interesting facts and information in our daily newsletter and on social media of IPhO 2021. We hope you will enjoy learning a few things about Lithuania even if it will be over a computer screen.

Please join the Opening Ceremony on July the 17th and meet lots of great student teams from around the world. The exams will be taken on July 19th and 21st. We are already looking forward to it. We strongly believe that you are ready and worked hard to achieve the best. We wish you to show your own creative light. See you all soon and we wish everyone the best of luck that will take you where you always dream to go.

Chairman of IphO2021 Organising commitee

Dr. Gediminas Beresnevičius