Lithuanian dance and music activity will invite the students for an opportunity to hear the traditional Lithuanian music, see the traditional Lithuanian dance steps, and maybe learn a few. The activity will present the ancient ritual circle dances, the polyphonic singing which is on the list of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The activity will also offer plenty of folk dances, games and activities to present you the traditional way of life in the old days. You will hear about the history behind the Lithuanian songs and dances and hopefully get to know the Lithuanian culture better.

The activity will be hosted by the Vilnius University folk ensemble „Ratilio“. Every song and dance will be introduced and briefly presented. Then, those willing to try will be invited to try. No pressure!

The Lithuanian dance & music activity will be hosted on Zoom. You don’t need to prepare anything for the activity, except asking your invigilator to take you to a more spacious place. 
We ask you to have a stable internet connection, charged communication devices, and do some squats before.