After receiving some questions from the invigilators about the preparations for the IPhO 2021 examinations, we are publishing a list of frequently asked questions.
How accurate thermometers do we need?
The examination room must have a thermometer visible to all students (accurate to 1 °C or better) . If possible, it is preferable to have a separate thermometer for each student for more precise room temperature reading in their vicinity.

What printers and scanners do we need?
Black & White printers are sufficient. Please, make sure they are fast enough to print many pages in a short period of time. Also, it"s best to avoid smudging which happens with some ink printers.

How to pick our exam time?
We will send a form shortly, where you will be able to choose and confirm your time of choice. Please, keep checking your email.

What is the number of computers required for exam surveillance (number of Zoom calls)?
If you have a team of 5 students, you will need 5 cameras for each student plus at least 1 camera to film everyone from the back. Which means you will need 6 devices to join the Zoom call as 6 participants.
What devices can be used for exam surveillance?
You can use any device that has a camera. The student facing camera needs to capture the face, the table and the hands of the student. You might need to place the device further away from the student to capture the whole picture.

How many microphones will we need for the exam surveillance?
You will need one active microphone for the whole room. Other microphones will need to be muted.

Can we scan the exam sheets with smartphones?
Yes, you can. Please, keep in mind that you are responsible for the legibility of the scans.

What should we scan?
You will need to scan every page of the answer sheets as well as every page of the working sheets. And only those sheets that have answers from the notes. You don"t need to scan the problems.

What else is allowed in the examination room?
You can hava a clock on the wall or on the students" tables. If the clock is placed on the student"s table it should not have any other functionality than the clock (i.e. no smart watches, smart devices, connected assistants, etc.)
We also suggest to have water and snacks for the students.
In addition, please have extra pens just in case.

Is the testing call mandatory for all teams (July 16)?
The testing call is not mandatory but strongly recommended. We will test the equipment and camera setups. It"s best to check early and prepare for any inconvenience during the exams.

Can the team leaders and observers see the experiment kit when translating the exams?
Yes, we will have an online link to connect and see the experiments if needed. More information on how to connect will be sent with the rest of the meeting links. Our assistants will also show you how everything functions if you require.

We cannot find the goodies for the students.
The goodies for the students (T-Shirts, water bottles, etc.) are inside the experiment boxes. We will ask you to give the goodies to the students after you open the experiments in the Zoom call on July 18. The backpacks for the students are inside the bigger box which you received.