Greetings from Lithuania! Early in October we invited the national contacts from every country to take part in the survey as we are preparing for the 51st IPhO in 2021. Thank you to over 50 of those who responded.

We are thrilled to share that an overwhelming majority (98%) expressed a will to take part in a physical version of the IPhO in 2021. Moreover, over 90% of responders said they would bring a team of 5 students. When it comes to priorities, 72% of the responders prioritize the physical version of the Olympiad.

As we are preparing for a safe olympiad, we are very pleased to hear that nearly 90% of responders said that it’s possible for their team to obtain COVID-19 tests before arriving in Lithuania.

We would like to emphasize that we are merely sharing the results of the survey and not drawing any conclusions at this point in time. While we would love to welcome everyone in Vilnius, Lithuania next summer and the current plan is to do so, we want to remind everyone that we will continue to monitor the global situation and will keep everyone updated with the latest decisions.